Black is Brown is Tan

Is girl is  boy

Is nose is face

Is all the colors

Of the race

Is dark is light

Singing songs

Is singing night

Kiss big woman hug big man

black is brown is tan…

Arnold Adoff


The Gambling of Wiles

Played in the day and the night holds unspoken

Or…Love is not made nor ever lost

For marriage is the greatest institution

And rituals value no cost

Eric Hall


Red is Blue

A friend in heaven is a friend in hell

Possession of whom art I tell

Where evilives I dwell

Living in heaven and dying in hell

Possession of whom art I tell…

Eric L. Hall


O Degrees

Like winters night and summer days

Dismal fights and sudden craze are the haunts that amaze

When taken by chance that harmful faze

Awaken to romance, see winters daze…

Eric Hall


Mornings bring

both hope

and curses

God makes


and I make


NEW DAY …N.M. Bodecker


Out in the dark and daylight

Out in the dark and daylight, under a cloud or tree

Out in the park and play light, out where the winds blow free

Out in the March or May light,

Out in the dark and daylight thats where I like to be…

Aileen Fisher


Stood Up

By all means pardoned to and from

Seldom seen romance, count one by one

Shadowless foot steps, secrets good and kept

Opened and closed doors, bottomless floors

And a reputation for higher

Stood for lust like desperate nood desire

Overlooked by trust, hesitant rude aspire…


Eric L. Hall


Blue Hate

Alaways a Heathen

Doth compromise in treason

Never, never chances of pomp to believe in

To chant or deny, hellraisers that cry

Harmony in score, voices syncronized…

Eric Hall


I Am Mad Hard

I am mad hard

You are mad important

You are mad in charge

I am mad important

I am mad in charge

I am mad important

I am mad hard…

Eric Hall